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The 7 Best Cigarettes UK Smokers Love

The 7 Best Cigarettes UK Smokers Love

The 7 Best Cigarettes UK Smokers Love

Want to switch up your cigarette brands? Just look to your fellow smokers. We're counting down the 7 best cigarettes UK smokers can't get enough.

Is your go to cigarette brand not doing it for you anymore? Did its prices jump and now it's not a financially sound choice? Maybe you're just looking to switch it up and need some recommendations for when you're staring blankly at the tobacco wall. 

Whatever brought you here, welcome. In this article we're looking at the best cigarettes UK citizens smoke, using official company data. We've researched and analyzed many, to bring you the 7 best cigarettes the UK has to offer. 

Best Cigarettes UK

The brands that your fellow Brits like best, probably won't surprise you. They are all the big name brands that you've been seeing advertisements for your whole life. The question is, what brand ranks as the #1? 

#1 Best Selling

Sterling! As of 2016, Sterling brand cigarettes were ranked as the best cigarettes UK. These rankings are given to cigarettes by the amount of money they earn each year as a brand. 

Sterling has kept its ranking since 2014 as the best cigarette but wasn't even in the top five in 2012. They were off the list for a while since they re-entered the market only in 2006, after an almost 40-year break. 

They sell the best mostly because they are the cheapest, but they obviously manage to produce a quality product as well. You can get Sterling cigarettes in menthol, regular, and half menthol at any store that sells tobacco. 

#2 Mayfair

Next, on our best cigarettes, UK list is Mayfair brand. They too maintained their 2014 ranking as number two on the list. Unlike Sterling, Mayfair is owned by Japan Tabacco - a major player in British Tabacco Economics. 

The 2014 and 2016 lists don't provide which type of Mayfair's cigarettes were ranked #2, but the 2012 list does. The Kingsize Mayfair cigarette was the people's choice in 2012. 

Since "King size" cigarettes offer more product and are therefore a better deal per unit, they sell very well no matter the brand. 

#3 Lambert and Butler

Speaking of king-sized cigarettes, Lambert and Butler brand comes in at number three for the year of 2016. They have not been able to move up from 2014, where they were #3 also.

Unfortunately for them, this is down from the #1 spot they had in 2012. If you choose to switch to L&B cigarettes or just want to try them, you have about four types to choose from.

They offer a smoother option, a menthol option, a gold option, and their KS option.  

#4 Marlboro

Rolling in at a respectable number four on the best cigarettes UK list is Marlboro cigarettes. This American brand has had a difficult time keeping themselves in a steady spot on the best cigarette ranking lists. 

In 2012, they were number three. Then in 2014, they sank to number six. Things are looking up in 2016, with them coming it at number four.

Since they're an American brand, they are unique in the British tobacco market, which mostly is composed of British or Japanese owned companies. The most popular Marlboro's are their gold offering, followed by Marlboro Reds. 

#5 Richmond

2016 was a rough year for Richmond brand products, sinking to number five on the best cigarettes UK list. That's one down from their number four spot in 2014. 

They didn't make the top five list in 2012, so that is a positive sign for the company, even with one minus ranking considered. 

If you're looking for quantity, Richmond makes kings and supersized king cigarettes in both normal and menthol. Those with a large appetite for their precious nicotine should consider switching to this well-sized brand. 

#6 Players

This brand is new to the best of the UK list, at least for the top 10. Their super kings made the top ten list for the first time in 2016. 

#7 John Player Special

Number six on our list is Player's Cigarettes. They have been on a steady track down the list of best cigarettes UK. In 2012, they were number four. 2014 saw them at number five and at the number six spot in 2016. 

JPS is an old British company and they have a lot of cigarette types you can try. They have many different American lines, as well as a popular menthol option. If you're in the mood to try something different, keep an eye out for their Virginia cigarette. 

Why Buy Cigarettes Online

It's easy. As long as you're not a youngster trying to cheat the system, buying cigarettes online is completely legal. They use an ordering age check, as well as a package check when the cigarettes arrive at your house. 

The fact that they get delivered to your house, is probably the best part. No longer do you have to go out of your way to pick up a new pack when you are out.

You do spend more on online cigarettes because of shipping. But, since you can get so many packs at once - the cost of traveling to get them and individual sales tax are out of the equation. 

You also save money by not being tempted by buying things you don't need at the store when you really went in for one thing. The shipping costs get canceled out very quickly when you take into consideration all of these unseen costs. 

When you shop online, you have more choices than in the stores. Online retailers don't have to worry about having enough space to stock large amounts of products.

Since they usually have large warehouses, they're able to carry more of each product and different types.

With an online retailer who sells nothing but cigarettes, they're likely in a better condition. Since the seller doesn't have to worry about the climate of their warehouse for anything but the cigarettes, they're kept in prime condition. 

Now that you know what your fellow Brits rate as their best cigarettes UK, what are you looking forward to trying? Comment below and tell us why you're thinking of switching and what you're switching from. 

Was your previous cigarette on this list? Or did you choose something, not in the top ten? Let's chat below!