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Focus on the filter

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As restrictions tighten, the filter has become one of the last bastions of product differentiation.
In this post we are going to shed some light on different cigarette blends, tobacco types contained in these blends, as well as provide some examples of cigarette brands belonging to these particular blends.

Diverse Types of Tobacco Products

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the main ingredients of American blend cigarettes are flue-cured tobaccos, also called as Virginia or bright tobaccos, air-cured Burley and Maryland tobaccos, Oriental tobaccos and reconstructed sheet tobacco which is produced from tobacco dust, fines, leaf ribs and stems. The American blend cigarette has been the most popular and wide spread type in the USA, as about the Virginia blend cigarette it was mostly spread in Australia, Canada, China a

About Tobacco

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Tobacco Blends: Blended cigarettes ;Virginia cigarettes